A day in the life of... Rebecca Andrews


To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we caught up with Rebecca Andrews, Digital Marketing Apprentice at DaDaFest to talk us through her day. Rebecca is currently studying a Level 3 Certificate in Marketing.

My alarm goes off... At 7am. I then spend a good 30 minutes trying to ignore it! When I finally get up, I get changed and try and wake myself up with some breakfast while catching up with my mum.

I leave the house (usually later than I should) to run for the bus to town, and then to get the train to Liverpool. Travelling time is usually spent in a last minute attempt to do my makeup and hair – whilst simultaneously getting some strange looks.

I then head up to the Bluecoat where DaDaFest offices are, usually via a Costa Coffee for my morning caffeine fix.


My typical day looks like... Heading into the office to catch up with other employees as I start up my computer and wait for my emails to load. From there I spend some time planning my day from my task list to urgent items that need to be done.

It’s then off to the team meeting or one-to-one with the DaDaFest marketing team to discuss work and events in the week ahead. DaDaFest is always busy, whether it be running productions, workshops or the festival and there are always plenty of things to be doing on the marketing side.


I got the job... Through a government website to find an apprenticeship. After leaving college the month before, I knew I wanted to go into marketing, and the vacancy seemed perfect for me. A week after interviews I heard I got the job and started a few days after coming back from a holiday in New York (slightly jet lagged) – and I’ve loved it ever since!


What I love about what I do... Is that no two days are ever the same. It always gives me a chance to experience so much.  

I love any opportunity to be creative and share new ideas with industry professionals. It’s wonderful knowing that we’re running campaigns for an organisation that has such a good cause and our work is really making a difference.


For a young person looking to pursue the same line of work, I’d tell them... That apprenticeships are a brilliant way of starting a career if you don’t want to go to university or aren’t sure what exactly you want to do. I came into this apprenticeship with virtually no knowledge in the course I do, and when I leave I will have the equivalent to an A-Level in Marketing as well as a wealth of experience that other people my age simply wouldn’t have access to.


My proudest accomplishment... Was when I had to complete a large unit as part of my apprenticeship course within a tight deadline. I had been on annual leave and when I returned, DaDaFest was extremely busy. I had to juggle my urgent marketing work whilst trying to complete my assignment. In the end I managed to meet the deadline and the feedback from my assignment was extremely positive.


After work... I either take advantage of city sending working and enjoy some shopping prior to catching my train or it’s straight home to put my feet up  As soon as I get in I start making dinner and catch up on a few box sets. I usually then head straight to bed to get my (quite excessive) 14+ hours sleep!


If I could do another job for just one day, I would... Be a professional chocolate taster!