Apprenticeship Success Stories

This is a portfolio of apprentices. Click the links below to read about their experiences so far, their achievements since becoming an apprentice, and how they are looking to progress as a result.

Danny Metcalf

Name: Danny Metcalf

Position: Administrator & Receptionist at Great Homer Street


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Joanna Walmsley

Name: Joanna Walmsley

Position: Finance Assistant at The Auto Network


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Rebecca Andrews

Name: Rebecca Andrews

Position: Digital Marketing Apprentice at DaDaFest


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Stacey Seary

Name: Stacey Seary

Position: Senior Sales Supervisor at Wild Thang Ltd


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Kellie Lynch

Name: Kellie Lynch

Position: Recruitment and Safeguarding Officer

Starting date: I started in June 1996 as an apprentice, and was employed as a member of staff from March 1997

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Lucie Osborne

Name: Lucie Osborne

Position: Marketing Executive - Brabners



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Colin Williams

Name: Colin Williams

Position: Warehouse Technician at Vitaflo International Ltd

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Shaun Roberts

Name: Shaun Roberts

Job title: Making Business Work Administrator

Starting date: 04/02/2013

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Sara Walsh

Name: Sara Walsh

Position: Business Administrator

Starting date: 14/01/2013

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James Grainger

Name: James Grainger

Position: Administrator

Starting date: September 2011

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Peter Shaw

Name: Peter Shaw

Position: Assistant Executive Director

Position during apprenticeship: Commissions Clerk at Colorvision

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James Simber

Name: James Simber

Position: Apprentice Accounts Assistant

Starting date: 25/02/2013

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Jessica Bird

Name: Jessica Bird

Position: Business Administrator

Starting date: 11/09/2012

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Samantha Ratcliffe

Name: Samantha Ratcliffe

Position: Accounts Professional

Starting date: July 2010

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Shenice Naylor

Name: Shenice Naylor

Position: Independent Living Apprentice

Starting date: 28/11/2011

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